Favorite Things

Would you like to make gift giving easy?

Would knowing the “Favorite Things” of the people you love make your life easier? If you said “yes” to one of the above questions, then “Favorite Things” is for you! This user friendly form creates a spreadsheet of the “Favorite Things” of the people who matter most in your life.  It is easy to complete and access from your phone anywhere, so I created this form years ago and have been sharing the link with the people who are important to me. It has been a useful tool when purchasing gifts or planning events, because I can easily access the spreadsheet and quickly have the information I need to purchase meaningful gifts or treats.

The “Favorite Things” form is simple to complete & can be done on a phone, tablet, or computer.

When preparing for our annual Christmas ski trip, I refer to the boys’ “Favorite Things” via the spreadsheet, providing me what each son likes enables me to purchase the items they love making each one feel special.  

Spreadsheet of responses after the form has been completed.

When you would like to purchase a small gift for someone, it is easy to look at the “Favorite Things” spreadsheet, pick up their favorite drink or candy, and make them feel special while making you look like a hero.

One of the best gifts is putting together a package of “Favorite Things.” The recipient feels special and is always happy to receive their “Favorite Things.”

It is always fun to see the things people enjoy and often times is surprising to see the joy a thoughtful gift can bring, especially in a world where gift cards are the norm.


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