7 Proven Parenting Tips

7 proven Parenting Tips

7 proven Parenting Tips

The toughest job… takes courage and strength

The most rewarding job… full of joy and sorrow

On-the-job training… once you think you have it figured out; things change

No instruction manuals… never know what to do

What is your goal as a parent?

Mine is, and always has been, to raise independent, responsible, young men.

I love being a mother. I would have been content living the life of June Cleaver, but I was blessed with the life of Christi Weems; mom of Garrett and Austin Weems. Garrett is the child who always challenged me and felt as though rules were to be broken. Did I mention Garrett is a ginger? Austin is my obedient child who speaks very little, but when he does, he speaks with wisdom and humor.  We have had our peaks and valleys and I have made plenty of bad decisions. I felt as though I should share some methods that have been proven to effective over the years.

  • Allow them to be who they are; not who you want them to be.

The hardest lesson that must be learned as a parent. This one took me years to figure out and caused a lot of heartache in our home. All I ever wanted to be was “football mom” and I was granted the experience for one high school season. Football was not the boys’ passion; it was mine. I had to let it go and let them be themselves. Garrett found his passion with electronics and graphic design. He began his graphic design career at the age of sixteen and opened his own company at seventeen. Austin is a freshman in high school and has yet to find his passion. Recently, he built his own gaming computer. It may be safe to say that gaming is in his future.

  • Live by example.

I cannot expect the boys to do something that I wouldn’t do myself.  I have always worked hard, treated people kindly, and lived with integrity which is exactly what I expect from them. I am raising boys to be men without a male role model. It is important to me for them to have good manners. I will stop at a door and wait for them to open it for me. I explain to them that a woman wants to date a gentleman and gentlemen have manners.

  • Use your words to build them up; not tear them down.

The world is tough enough on children without parents breaking them down at home. Each day, I tell the boys, “You are a champion. I am proud of you. Make good choices.” I place inspirational notes in their lunches periodically. My heart crushes when I hear a parent call their child, “stupid” even if they’re only joking. Those words linger in your child’s head and heart for years.

  • Be hard on them.

The price they pay as children and teenagers is much less than what they’ll pay as adults in society. Any time I received calls from teachers or administrators my response was always, “Be harder on my child than you would be any others.” When Garrett was making bad choices in high school, the assistant principal worked with me to create harsh consequences for his actions. After he suffered the consequences, he straightened up and I did not have any more problems. When they were toddlers, I carried a wooden spoon in my purse; I was never afraid to use it. As they got older, I learned a special pinch on their arm did the trick. Spanking your children may be against your beliefs, but I know it worked for mine.

  • Allow them to fail.

This is heartbreaking to watch, but it is necessary to happen. Garrett did not have a good relationship with one of his Spanish teachers. Garrett has never understood the concept of respecting your elders. In his eyes, you had to earn his respect despite your age. He did not respect her for reasons unknown. After multiple emails, phone calls, and conferences, I realized this was a life lesson for Garrett.  It was tough for me to see him fail, as a teacher, I cringed. I hate seeing students who are fully capable not succeed solely because they are not willing to work. I emailed the teacher the following, “Garrett is a young adult and has to learn from his actions.  I cannot sweep in and do this for him. He has to face the consequences of his actions.” He failed Spanish and had to repeat it the following year. The learning lesson took place about a year later. The first semester he was out of a school an hour early each day, but the second semester he had to stay the extra hour each day to retake Spanish.

  • Give them responsibilities.

We divide all the chores in the house by three and we each do our own part. I cannot do it all on my own and they have to understand what it takes to manage a household. If one of us doesn’t do our part, the house cannot function smoothly. They each do their own laundry. I’m not saying they always do things perfectly or the way I would do it, however,  if I don’t allow them to do things, the will not learn. It’s okay if the towels aren’t folded perfect. I allow them to cook, but I probably should be teaching them cooking skills more regularly. Culinary techniques are not my specialty; therefore, this is an area we could all use some improvement. I also sit down with them to discuss the monthly budget. Often times, they would rewash a load of laundry instead of folding the clothes and putting them away (which infuriated me.) After we discussed the electricity and water bill, this routine concluded.

  • Love Unconditionally.

Love unconditionally is affection without any conditions. Do your children know you love them without any conditions?   Your children must know they are loved despite their behaviors. We create their safe haven by the love we provide.

Raising boys to be men without a man around has been a tough, but rewarding journey.  I am proud of the men my boys have become. Parenting is my favorite job and I have made my share of mistakes. Punishing your children and telling them no may be painful at the moment, but prevents future pain.  My boys are not perfect and they are still learning but they make my life complete. I hope this encourages you to speak words of encouragement to your children today! Believe in yourself because you are doing a great job!!

375 Thoughts on “7 Proven Parenting Tips

  1. carundle on July 8, 2015 at 9:00 pm said:

    What a great, thoughtful post, Christi. You’ve really put a lot of thought into parenting and no doubt, you’re seeing great results.

  2. So important to get wide coverage of your message. Brava, Mom!

  3. Lorii Abela on July 9, 2015 at 12:02 am said:

    The responsibilities that are attached to the role as a mother are very important. The parent, especially a single parent, is rewarded for the love and passion in embracing such reality in life. Happy are those children who are recipients of those love. They are unquestionably become independent and responsible men in the future.

  4. Good tips, Christi! I especially think it’s important to give kids responsibilities early on — teaching them to be part of something bigger than themselves and having a sense of WANTING to help. This seems to be lacking a lot these days.

  5. Such good suggestions! I used most of these when raising my kids. Pampering them does not prepare them for life. The hardest thing is watching them fail. Nobody can be great at everything and there will be failures unless our society takes that possibility out of the picture. I don’t think making everybody a winner every time is good for their sense of reality. Still, it’s hard to see their disappointment.

  6. Great tips.. and I have 2 teen girls… almost 16 and almost 19 and they are POLAR opposites… and even when you do all of the right things, they still have too much influence by kids at school and can turn out completely on the wrong side of the tracks… true story, I’m living the hell with one of mine… kids these days just aren’t being parented and that’s fine if parents don’t want to do their job, but they are ruining other kids who are very impressionable.. .and some people just need to NOT have kids. Sore subject.. sorry *rant over*

  7. What is most clear to me is that YOU gave a lot of thought to your parenting. Many parents just deal with situations as they occur. I am very pleased with the way my 2 kids are as adults but could not have articulated my parenting philosophy the way you have. Fortunately they have great values.

  8. First of all, the picture at the end…adorable! My kids would probably have had much more sarcastic grins but you can tell that, like mine, yours understand exactly what your job is supposed to be. I have always told them to make good choices, make me proud and show up every day ready to take action. For the most part they do but I still cringe with a touch of “what now?” when their number comes up on my caller ID 🙂

  9. I love love love the pic. The loving bond between you & your boys is evident. My favorite part of your message is understanding that they have a passion not always the same as your own. Letting go of what I want for my girls so that they can be superstars where they shine best has been an ongoing challenge, but I’m glad to know it can work out. And we’ll all be the better for honoring their unique gifts.

  10. My idea of great parenting is leading by example and you seem to be doing a wonderful job of this, Christi. Knowing that each child has a different temperament and their own unique individuality is so very key when nurturing them to follow their own passions and their own path. Love the photos of you and your boys and it appears you have given a lot of yourself to them. It really shows. Congratulations to you for this!

  11. Sherri Frost on July 9, 2015 at 11:43 am said:

    The hardest part is allowing them to fail but fail they must if they are going to grow.

  12. Seems like really good advice.:-)

  13. Makes so much sense! I think the hardest is letting the kids be what they want and not push our wants onto them.

  14. Both my grandchildren live with me. My biggest surprise is realizing that the youngest is picking up some of my habits. Now I have some of my bad habits such as being sarcastic or stubborn reflected right back at me! I did not set up any training sessions to have her do that. So children learn, even when you are not teaching.
    My oldest grandchild told me she was so happy I had taken her roller skating because when she had asked for some money to buy her a snack, I gave her some. She had noticed that adults (meaning her mother) never seem to have any money when kids ask for some five dollar item but have no problem buying themselves a $300 dollar item. So children do watch what we do….not what we say. having my grandchildren around is teaching me more about myself that I did not want to know.

  15. Great tips Christi. I agree with every single one of them! Sounds and looks like you are a great parent.

  16. Janell McIlwain on July 10, 2015 at 8:23 pm said:

    Great parenting tips!

  17. All great tips. Not all of them are easy but necessary to make a strong, independent adult on day. Letting them fail would be the hardest. I have 3 kids and all 3 have their own personalities and interests. They are all different and it’s important to let them explore their own interests and support them

  18. I’m not a parent but your tips make an incredible amount of sense. A parent’s job is real into the wild fully functional adults, and your tips will help parents do that. Great work!

  19. Bravo! I have incorporated most of your insights. My children are all grown and successful in their own right. They are 33, 31, 28 and 24. 2 girls, 2 boys. Not perfect by any means but have a great foundation, Love God, good hearts, individuals. Our son is a great Father with a great example to follow as a guide for his children with his wife, so we’ve been told. Our eldest passed December 17. She was one of the most loving, self-less individuals who had a strong Faith although challenged in her last years. She remained Faithful and loving through the struggle. Many parents feel they’re children don’t listen to them. Parent with assurance and confidence that they are influenced by your counsel but more so by your walk. Thanks for sharing.

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