Abandoned home’s history & renovation story

Our story of how MoonLight Falls became to a reality!

Dreams come true!
It’s ours!

Dreams do come true!

Our dream was a few acres for a vintage RV park. We bought an abandoned home and completed the renovation. As a result of our dreams, we have a 3 bedroom ranch style home nestled on 20 acres in the north Texas hill country. A beautiful waterfall, pecan orchard, and pear trees add character to the place. We don’t have plans for the barns yet, but have several ideas. Follow the renovation journey here!

MoonLight Falls Drive
It’s ours!

History of MoonLight Falls

Previously, it was Rose Hill Farms. It was a goat farm where they made goat cheese to sell at Whole Foods. Champagne & Modela are our goats. However, I think their names speak for them; no milk in their future. Rose Hill Farms is abandoned. We bought it and begin renovation.

MoonLight Falls

Abandoned Home Renovation

About MoonLight Falls

MoonLight Falls is situated north of Saint Jo, TX and south of the Red River. Undoubtedly, the waterfall is the most intriguing attribute. The pecan orchard and pear trees are a playground for the cardinals and robins. Furthermore, our donkeys known as Ruby Jean and Smokey Joe are the mascots. In the beginning, a dutch barn was the only structure on the property. Later, it was transformed into a 3 bedroom 3 bathroom ranch style home. Several years passed and the carport transitioned into a living space. After the renovation, it is a great space for games, movies, and family time.

Abandoned home renovation becomes an Airbnb/ STR. Above all, Great times are a must at MoonLight Falls. Arche Winery is 700 feet away which is an added benefit for all of our visitors. In conclusion, our dream became a reality and we are grateful for MoonLight Falls. We hope you visit soon and enjoy all it has to offer.


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