Marathoner inspiring a life of divine love

Marathoner inspiring a life of joy and happiness.

Unique Facts about me:

  • I love  the color teal!
  • I won a pretty eye contest as a child. My eyes change colors based on what I am wearing and they are different colors.
  • I am a math (nerd) teacher and  love it!
  • I ran 40 half marathons in 11 months.
  • I can sew. Thanks to my Grandmother insisting I take lessons as a teenager.
  • I love to bake chocolate chip cookies. My grandmother had warm, homemade, chocolate chip cookies for me everyday after cross country practice. She spoiled me.
  • I am a Pinterest Addict! Visit me on Pinterest.
  • I have a white boxer named Waldo and a Valley Bulldog named Toby.
  • I am a Texan. What more can I say?

toby and waldo

I am a mom of two boys ages sixteen and eighteen. Throughout the years I have learned the right way to discipline, budget, and manage a household while raising respectful, independent, young men. I refuse to be a statistic and I keep high standards for my boys.

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Running has been a part of my life since I high school cross country.  I wish everyone would challenge themselves by training and completing a marathon. The person you become in the process is astounding.

I can proudly say that I have completed one full marathon, fifty-one half marathons, several 5Ks  and 10Ks.  I ran  five half marathons in five days in five states which qualifies me as a Half Fanatic ( yes, there is a club for half marathon runners) and want to be a Marathon Maniac in 2016.    Out of this myriad of races, my favorite would have to be the San Francisco half marathon over the Golden Gate Bridge.

My blog will share with you the struggles and the victories of being a single mom of boys. You’ll come across many entries including recipes, training plans, motivation, prayers, affirmations, DIY projects, and most all love.  I am excited to share my trials and tribulations through this journey of life. appreciates your comments.