Christi Weems

I’m a mom of two boys, ages 19 and 21, and a middle school math teacher. I graduated with my Bachelor of Science degree and MBA degree from Texas Women’s University (TWU). I started my Doctorate degree in Educational Leadership at Grambling State University to fulfill a lifetime goal of educating future math teachers at the university level. As a result of my love of running and finding it very therapeutic, I have completed 3 full marathons and 57 half marathons in 17 states as of June 2019. To celebrate my 40th birthday in 2014, I ran 40 half marathons in one year.

What I do well as a mom

I am good at encouraging  my children in a way that builds confidence and good work ethic. I believe this teaches them how to reach their goals and be responsible citizens.

What I have learned from other moms

Don’t be overprotective or feel like you always need to help your child, because allowing a child to learn from his or her own mistakes creates independent, strong adults.

Lessons learned from my children

I was devastated when my boys decided not to play football after me looking forward to being a “Texas football mom”. After a heart-to-heart talk with them, I realized it was not their desire to play football and my responsibility to come to terms with not being a “Texas football mom” and to embrace their decision. This has taught me to accept a child’s interests and choices in life as their own; not my choices for them.

Successful Motherhood Moment

When my son, Garrett, voluntarily gave back to the community as a local middle school mentor.  Garrett owns a screen printing and graphic design business, sharing values that I instilled during his childhood years to help him become a successful entrepreneur with the students.

Mother I admire

My grandmother, Elnora “Bennie” Smith, modeled a life of kindness and integrity. She displayed this by treating all people with love and respect no matter their position in life and strived for excellence with everything she did, always leaving places better than she found them.