Acceptance… something we all deal with whether we realize it or not?

Are we accepted in the workplace? social circles?  families?

We all have our place, but how do we know that place? Defining acceptance is something we have to do in our own unique way.  Often times, I feel that I don’t fit in and I have learned to be okay with it.  Several people turn to drugs, alcohol, and/ or gangs to be accepted.  Adults often struggle in relationships throughout life due to lack of feeling accepted from parents as a child.  As a parent, I have had to learn to accept my children for who they are.  My oldest child and I both had a tough couple years.  I struggled with accepting him for the geek that he is and he struggled with fitting in because he felt he did not measure up to what I wanted for him. It was a really hard time for both us.  Once I realized he was an amazing child as a geek, our home had a peace to it again.  I quit trying to make him play sports or be in activities that were not for him and started finding things for him that he would enjoy.  We have an incredible relationship now and he is striving as a young man studying computer graphics and programming.

I struggle with being too short, with being too fat, with being blonde (well, now by choice), with being a nerd, with not being smart enough, with being single, with not having enough money, with living in a small house, with having big feet… and it goes on and on.

I don’t have coordination; so, I wasn’t good with dancing or sports.

I am not wealthy; so, I wasn’t accepted for my money.

I have been told I am an “oddball” and after many years, I am okay being the “oddball.”

The things I have done to accept me for me and to accept others for who they are:

1. I have learned to love me; faults and all. I do things daily that make me happy.

2.  I have learned to focus on my strengths and not my weaknesses. I would always feel inadequate if I focused on my weaknesses.  We all have them and it is okay.

3.  I have learned to love people as they are.  I cannot change anyone, but me.  I can accept people and focus on their strengths.  Always give compliments of validations when you recognize their strengths.

4.  I have learned each person’s reactions is based on where they are in life. Some have limited experiences or knowledge.  Some have issues in life that they are dealing with in their own way.  I never know what the situation may be, but have to love that person in the situation at the time.  It does not mean I have to make them a part of my circle or spend time with them. These are two separate things.

5.  I won’t accept advice from someone I will not trade places in life.

6. I have learned who to allow in my circle of influence.

7.  I am very careful what I listen to, read, or watch.  I have to be careful with how I feed my mind.  Good in= Good out!


I hope this helps you to find your “happy” place!!



604 Thoughts on “Acceptance

  1. Well, aren’t you blessed to have a ‘geek’ in the house! I bet you go to your son often for help with your blog too! haha.. oh, the things we learn from our kids 🙂 I have found that seeing qualities in people I ‘love’ and admire are how I try to find my own place in life. I have an aunt who has seen more heartbreak than anyone I know and yet she loves like no other. My grandmother was poor her whole life yet she always had faith god would provide for what was important, she was right.. I very often visit her words in my heart. I see cancer patients every day in my job who find the strength to keep fighting, I find inspiration in their ‘will’ and ‘love’ of even the simplest of smiles and touches. I no longer try to fit in, I just try to ‘fit’ into my own heart. In the end it is me and my god I have to be at peace with and while I lose my way some days, I remind myself of this and the people in my life who are ‘whole’ for their struggles and I hold my head up and put one foot in front of the other. I am adding ‘good in good out’ to my life now. I love how perfectly that keeps us balanced.

  2. It’s great that you and your son have found a peaceful relationship. My younger daughter isn’t a reader. I often wonder how she came from my body. I’m a reader and now, a writer. I’ve had to learn to accept that she will never love books as much as I do.

    This is a great post. Thanks so much for sharing it!

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