Camper Organization

Storage bins for camping necessities
Bins for coffee, cleaning supplies, first aid, bug spray, outdoor speakers & flashlights, and candles.

Do you love camping, but hate the work of carrying everything back and forth between the house and the camper for each trip? After you set your camper up with everything you need, all you will need is a camping destination.  I found the necessary things for our camper from my home, thrift stores, and Dollar Tree. I did splurge on a few decorations from Hobby Lobby.  When our friend purchased her camper, I wanted to stock, organize, and decorate it for her. She had a few random things stored in Amazon boxes on the bunks.

First things first, I decided on a theme and color scheme.  It is the wanna be interior decorator in me fed by my inner math nerd self. The green color was by default after shopping several Dollar Tree stores to find the number of different types of baskets needed all in the same color which I later learned green was her favorite color. The theme is the obvious… camping!

Each basket holds related items and provides easy access while also keeping items in place when the camper is moving.  The baskets transition well between camper and outside when items are needed. I love the baskets with the handles for shelves that are above my head ( I am short) because they are easy to reach.

Camper Supplies
Items from the Dollar Tree for the camper. A few of the items were supposed to be funny for Tammy to find while out camping and some of the items were necessary.
Overhead bins
Each basket contains dishes. There is a basket for cups, one for plates & bowls, and one for disposable dishes.

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