Camper Organization

Storage bins for camping necessities
Bins for coffee, cleaning supplies, first aid, bug spray, outdoor speakers & flashlights, and candles.

Do you love camping, but hate the work of packing the camper for each trip? After you load camper up with the necessities, all you will need is your camping destination.

Our friend purchased her first camper and I wanted to stock, organize, and decorate it for her. She had a few random things stored in Amazon boxes on the bunks and the manufacture stickers still on the appliances. I found the necessary things for the camper from my home, thrift stores, and Dollar Tree. I did splurge on a few decorations from Hobby Lobby.


First things first, I decided on a theme and color scheme.  I am a true math nerd who wants to be an interior decorator. After several trips to multiple Dollar Tree stores, green was chosen by default because it was the only color of baskets needed.  I was happy to know later green is her favorite color.  The theme is the obvious… camping!

Each basket holds related items while also keeping items in place when the camper is moving.  The baskets transition well from inside to camper to the outdoors and the handles are great for short people like me to be able to reach.

I used velcro to adhere the stereo remote to the inside of the cabinet and a command hook near the door for the camper keys.  I rolled towels and placed in a small round laundry basket on the bunkbeds. There was also a small basket near the toilet for necessary items.

Special touches

Secondly, I focused on the decorative touches. I hung framed pictures of her favorite people around the cabin.  I bought a decorative oar at Hobby Lobby and had “Camp Stevens” printed on it. It hangs above the dinette.  This was special to her because her parents lake house was named “Camp Stevens.”  I did not know this story until later.  I added a couple other pictures about camping and a shower curtain with arrows. My idea was to create a homey feeling for her in the camper and stock it with all the essentials.

Camper Organization

Organizing and decorating your camper is fun and can be done on a budget. First, start at home.  You will be surprised all the things you have in your own home that you don’t use and will work great in your camper. Second, visit the thrift store for things you did not find at home or unique finds. I found the arrow shower curtain and a rug for the bathroom at Thrift Giant. Dollar Tree is the best and my all time favorite for baskets.  They have all shapes and sizes for ONE dollar.  You can also find household items, toiletries, and cleaning items in the perfect camper size for ONE dollar.  Lastly, you can shop your local grocery or department store for the items that you still need.

Please enjoy your camping trip without the stress of trying to pack everything up last minute!

Camper Supplies
Items from the Dollar Tree for the camper. A few of the items were supposed to be funny for Tammy to find while out camping and some of the items were necessary.
Overhead bins
Each basket contains dishes. There is a basket for cups, one for plates & bowls, and one for disposable dishes.

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