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1967 Camper Restore

1967 Mobile Scout Camper Restore

Glampers are the newest craze. Glampers are vintage campers with glamorous renovations.   On August 11, 2015, I purchased a 1967 Mobile Scout to restore and hope to have her ready to show in April.  I named her “Gypsy Queen”and spent hours on Pinterest researching decorative ideas.  While I found many great ideas, I realized I was going to do something different.  You will be able to follow the restoring process here.

How it all began…

I shared a Glamper post on Facebook where a couple of high school friends and I were commenting.  Tim chimed in, “I have a 1967 Mobile Scout for sale.” I made arrangements to look at it.  She was in great shape and had been stored inside most of her life.  Everything was in working order except her taillights and the step which are both easy repairs.  Arrangements were made and “Gypsy Queen” was purchased and transported to my home on August 11, 2015 where she was parked until the home owners association sent a letter to move her.


Christi & Gypsy Queen on August 11, 2015 after purchased and transported home.



Before with camouflage puzzle curtains

I spent the weekend cleaning her and testing everything.  On October 3, 2015, Bart & I removed all hardware and primed for painting.  On Wednesday, October 7, 2015, she was transported to the storage unit about a block away.

Paint color was chosen and painting has begun, but due to time constraints and temperatures, painting has not been completed.

Smash Times

What comes to mind when you hear the words “Smash Times?”

When Irene invited me to “Smash Times,”  I was excited because I thought I would be able to let out some frustrations by smashing things and then create peace piece by piece while being creative. It was Kathy’s birthday and we were able to be creative while celebrating her special day.

I met Irene and Kathy at Ikea in Frisco and we proceeded to Royal and Preston to “Smash Times” for a day of crafts and fun.  The small place was full and people were deeply engrossed into their own masterpiece.  We chose the item we wanted to create for our mosaic and the colors of tiles to complete the masterpiece.  Needless to say, no smashing was involved in the “Smash Times” process, but was still fun.

I chose a small square picture frame and mosaic tiles of my favorite colors of teal, purple, orange, and green.  I sat down, smoothed the glue onto the wooden part of the frame and carefully placed the small glass pieces onto the frame. I was proud of myself for not hesitating and being accepting of the colors I chose and I how I placed them.  I did not question myself in the process.  I felt a lot of growth in myself since the last time I approached an art project like this. During the summer, I went to a paint class and the instructor approached  me with my blank canvas and said, “Afraid of commitment.”  I thought how did he know this about me by my blank canvas while everyone else had already painted their canvas.  My colors and placement of each glass tile may not be how others may have done, but it was mine and my uniqueness.  I plan to place the frame in my classroom with a picture of my family to remind me of my uniqueness and what I value the most.

While “Smash Times” was not on my bucket list, it was a “first” for me and I enjoyed the time with friends and exploring my creative side. Happy Birthday to Kathy! I hope your day was blessed.



Smash Times project


Irene, Christi, and Kathy at Smash Times


Christi, Kathy, and Irene at Smash Times