Adventures of Stacey & Christi

Gypsy Prom in Round Top, TX

October 2018

Have you ever been to Round Top, Texas?

Round Top, Texas is located between Austin & Houston and home to 90 people... Yes, 90 people. Twice a year, it is also home to Antique Week harvesting 11 miles of antique dealers selling "dead people's stuff" for two weeks. While, I am not an antique guru, nor does shopping for miles/ days sound like a good time to me, but I do love a good party and any reason to dress in costume.

I immediately feel in love with the Junk Gypsy's after seeing their work and was intrigued by the idea of a "vintage prom." Stacey & I planned our trip and started shopping for our "vintage prom" dress. The shopping trips were an adventure of their own where we learned 1980's dress sizes were not exactly the same as dress sizes in 2018.

After hours of Pinterest and Google  searches of images and ideas for our "vintage prom" dress, our weekend shopping adventures began at our local thrift stores and always included refreshing drinks from Eskimo Hut and countless burst of laughter.

One Saturday morning, we ventured off around Dallas looking for that perfect "vintage prom" dress which was no where to be found.  Dallas has some unique, vintage dress shops where we found some great dresses sized to fit me in 1980 when I was a small child; not now, when I am an adult. We did not find an Eskimo Hut, but did find a daiquiri drive through where you received the frozen slush drink in a styrofoam cup and your "wine" in a plastic bottle; honestly, it was not very good.

We intervened with a recycled, new to us prom dress purchased at our local Goodwill and began accessorizing. We found accessories at Sam Moon's and our cowboy boots are Corral.  Stacey's boots are absolutely stunning!!

Our shopping trips did warrant some amazing treasures and times when laying on the floor to measure curtains was a necessary action since we did not have a tape measure...problem solving at its finest. I am sure this took place after the Eskimo Hut stop.

We have our dresses & accessories for the prom and our event coordinated matching shirts loaded up in Stacey's small car. We are ready for this adventure.

Lodging in Round Top sells out months in advance.  We were lucky to find a room at the Red River Inn in LaGrange about 15 miles from Round Top.  We arrive at the motel, get ready for the prom, and head to Round Top, TX for the "Gypsy Prom."

The prom was nestled outside among the antique vendors in a tent with a live band playing on a small stage.  The array of costumes and people varied from every color, style, and size imaginable.  Words won't actually describing the "Gypsy Prom" experience; you have to go to truly understand.