“The Scout”

I bought “The Scout” a 1967 Mobile Scout in August 2015 with plans of renovating her and escaping the Texas summers. Plans for this magical camper had a detour when I met Bart a week later. Bart owns a landscape company and summer is his busiest time of the year. The Scout was one of our first projects and has significance in our relationship. The Scout and Bart share birth year and hometown of Grand Prairie. We started renovations early in our relationship and have enjoyed several camping trips in “The Scout.” I’ve changed my mind on themes and names multiple times because I wanted to include our family as the process instead of making it about me when in all reality, they probably don’t care. My original plan was ivories, laces, and lots of fufu. Now, it is painted to coordinate our 1996 Ford Bronco & 2001 F350 which is gold and green with an adventurous theme. We love “The Scout” and have plans of attending more vintage camper rallies in the future.

The Scout before paint.
Prepping for paint.
Power tools prepping for paint.