Gypsy Prom Spring 2019

Dolly Parton & Reba McEntire make guest appearance at Junk-O-Rama Prom.

“The adventures of Stacey & Christi” are always fun & unique. If there were not evidence to support some of the adventures, you may not believe and then again, it is still hard to believe even with pictures & videos.

In April & October, Gypsy Prom is held in Round Top, TX as part of Antique Week. Gypsy Prom is difficult to describe with words and is something you must experience to truly understand. We have attended twice and have absolutely loved the experience.

We skipped the antique shopping this time and headed to Fredricksburg for the wines, but not without stopping in Bastrop & Dripping Springs to eat catfish with the locals and visit some of our favorite people.

Outside of Waco, we were greeted by a friendly officer of the Lott Police Department. If you look closely, you will see he posted for our selfie.
“S H I N E L I K E A D I A M O N D” was another star guest at Junk-O-Rama Prom.
Dolly & Reba with a Denton, TX celebrity.
“Birds of a Feather DRINK Together” were also celebrities from Denton, TX.
Look closely at her bracelet!
On our way through Basdrop, we stopped at the Catholic church to support the Knights of Columbus Fish Fry. The food was amazing!
While in Basdrop, we stopped to see the oldest son at his work.
We avoided traffic in Dripping Springs by stopping at a wine bar to see one of our favorites.
We were greeted in Fredricksburg by another Dentonite!!
Saturday began with a tasting at Fiesty Winery.
Walt Wilkinson performing at Texas Heritage winery in Fredricksburg.

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