Nashville Rock’n’Roll Half Marathon

Nashville Rock’n’Roll Half Marathon

Nashville Rock’n’Roll was on and off my list for various reasons throughout the year.  Two weeks before the race, I decided that it was a go.  I finished state mandated test the Wednesday prior and took off on a jet plane on Thursday morning.  I had the opportunity to spend four days with my mom and run through the city of Nashville, TN.  It was a win win for all!

Mom and I  spent the day grocery shopping and preparing for the weekend.  Friday, we went to the Country Music Marathon Expo which is the largest expo I have ever attended.  There were several vendors and THOUSANDS of people.  I used to have anxiety in crowded areas, but no longer  since I have been running.  It is amazing how much running has changed my life. Mom bought me the Garmin VivoFit.  I love it! I have been able to track my sleep and movement throughout the day.  I can also use it with Garmin Connect and interact with other running friends. After all we could handle at the Expo, we stopped for dinner at Logan’s on the way home.    I turned in early for the evening for the big day tomorrow.


My last race was the Diva Dash in Galveston, TX and since then, I have taken gluten, sugar, dairy, caffeine, and alcohol out of my diet.  I felt great with no joint pain, decreased belly fat, and weighed less. I was not sure how my body was going to respond on a long run with the new lifestyle.  I am still learning how to fuel my body naturally.

I woke up early to a nice breakfast made by mom and started preparing for the day.  Before we could leave, I had thrown up my breakfast.  I still do not know what happened, but I had a race to run. We arrived downtown, parked, and found a restroom. It was nice to avoid the portapotty before a race… doesn’t happen often.  I am thankful for portapotties at the times of need… Runners understand the value of a portapotty.  First Baptist Church (located right at the start line) opened their church for the runners to use the restrooms prior to the race and had a free spaghetti dinner the night before. Thank you to the church for supporting the runners.

Rock’n’Roll Marathon Series is methodical about their races and you know what to expect.  This is the 4th race in their series that I have completed and by far, the largest.  There were at least 40 corrals and 36,000 runners. It was overwhelming and people were everywhere trying to fit into the corrals.  It was obvious the runners who were new to the experience pushing their way through while the experienced runners knew they would make their way to the start line as each corral has a countdown and start time.  I was in corral 21 and it was about 7:28am when I started.  The first mile had three huge hills which made me question my sanity. The spectators at this race were zealous and encouraging.  The course was consistently lined with spectators cheering, dancing, and handing out goodies (candy, beer, donuts, mimosas). The bands were amazing along the way; again, the best out of all the Rock’n’Roll marathons I have completed.


After the hills in mile one, I knew this was not going to be a PR (personal record). So, I decided to have some fun with it and snap pictures of cute guys along each mile.  Downfall was that the really hot guys were ahead of me, but I did take some pictures. One guy caught me taking a picture of him and ran up and posed… busted. 20140512-210953.jpg20140512-211009.jpg

The weather was perfect and the course was beautiful, but the hills were killer.  At mile 9, I received an encouraging message from my principal. At mile 10, I hit a wall.  I had not hit a wall at mile 10 since my second half marathon, but I had never thrown up before a race either.  Mom sent me encouraging messages the next three miles.  There was a GU station at mile 10 (where the full marathoners departed the half-marathoners) and I was going to take it, if it was salted caramel.  They gave me a tri-berry  (funny… I was going to risk it for salted caramel, but not tri-berry) which I like, but was afraid how my body would react since I had not eaten sugar in two weeks.  I overheard the lady next to me wish she had a GU and I gave her mine.  Each water break, I would walk a little more and I finally broke down and had some Gatorade which I think helped me get to the end. I don’t know if it was the sugar, electrolytes, or need for sodium, but I crossed the finish line and received my medal. They had wet towels to cool us and post race snacks to replenish our bodies.


I met mom and we walked to B.B. Kings for barbecue which was amazing before going home to rest for the remainder of the day.

Nashville Rock’n’Roll Country Music Marathon is by far my favorite Rock’n’Roll series race.  The spectators made this race. The beautiful course was a bonus and challenge due to the hills.

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  1. Christi Lynn, you ROCK!

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