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Summer Solstice 3 hour race

Summer Solstice 3 hour race

Summer Solstice 3 hour race was race number 20 which means I am half way through this goal of 40 half marathons in 2014! I am considering this goal my “mid life crisis.” I don’t consider myself “middle aged” yet nor do I really think this crazy goal is a crisis, but it is the most rational description for the goal.  I know it is something I will always look back on and think “how did I do that?”  There are several things I look back on and wonder “how did I survive that” like domestic violence, custody battles, being a single mom, and oh not to mention… the dumb things I did as a teenager.  Needless to say, all of these things made me the person I am today which I would not trade.

Summer Solstice 3 hour race was different than any race I have ever done for many reasons:

  • it was a night race
  • it was 3 hour or 6 hour increments instead of a distance
  • it was one mile loops
  • it was a flat course; NO HILLS
  • no medals at the end
  • it was in Abilene, TX

I enjoyed the race.  The one mile loops were not too bad since Jenn ran with me.  I met Jenn at Lake Benbrook Half Marathon (race #3) where she was running with her husband and son.  I was inspired by them and we became friends instantly.  We were able to hash out the problems of the world and discuss parenting while running 15.2 miles in 3 hours completing 1 mile loops over and over again.

The race committee was awesome with the small town friendliness! They had plenty of snacks and the event was well organized. The weather was perfect!! We could not have asked for better weather conditions.  It was cool with a nice breeze.  The most difficult part of this event was the drive home after the race.  I probably should have stayed with Jenn and drove home the next day, but wanted to get home.  I won’t go into detail about the interesting dance moves I made along the way to try to stay awake, but I made it.

I still cannot believe I have completed 20 half marathons in 2014!! My next race is another night race in July in Fort Worth called El Scorcho 25K along the Trinity River and Jenn will be running with me again.