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Bearathon Half Marathon

Bearathon Half Marathon


Only picture from this race and it was taken by a student when I picked up my bag.

Awaken on Saturday morning at 4 am by the alarm.  At this time is when I question my sanity.  Wo in their right mind wakes up at 4 am to travel 2 hours and run? I preceded to get up, dress for the race, and start on my way.  It is dark and lonely on the roads to Waco. I stop in Hillsboro for a breakfast burrito and at this time, a light drizzle has started to fall.  The lady at Whataburger was nice and told me I was 20 minutes from Baylor and rain should hold off until 10 am which was all good news to me.  I continued on I35 to Waco, pulled into a dark campus, and parked close to the race festivities. I ran to the student center for my bib and packet, checked my bag, and walked out the door just in time for the race to start… NOTHING like making to a race just in time to start.  I was able to save myself from the portapotty stop while in the student center… always a bonus for a runner ( I am not too proud to use a portapotty… much better than “pantsing your poop!)

We were off… running through the campus of Baylor University for the first mile. I was surrounded by college students on a beautiful campus and fellow runners all out for one goal… to finish!

The transformation within yourself between the start line and finish line conquers fears, creates discipline, and builds confidence.

It means running with and through pain.

It means believing in yourself.

It means encouraging others.

At mile 2, we ran past the Budweiser plant which I found ironic, but promising.  I love a beer after a race, but there was no beer a then end of this race.  The course curved through Cameron Park and the Methodist Children home.  The college students cheering the runners along were amazing with incredible energy; not to mention some were handing out BACON! What a marvelous idea- BACON is simply the best.  It will take care of your protein and salt in one shot with yummicious taste!!

I knew I had a double this weekend and next; so, I thought I would take it easy, but try to stay at 2:30 finish time.  Earlier in the week, I had messaged a Baylor alumni friend about the elevation– good thing I asked him and not the elevation chart or I would have stressed all week.  Now, the joke is… before you run a double, you ought to check the elevation chart.  At mile 6 I text the Baylor alumni, ” OMFG these hills are a BEATCXH!” His reply, “Welcome to the Hill Country” with an inspiring “You can do it.” It gave me the motivation I needed at the moment to push forward.  The course was treacherous, but beautiful. I do want to take the boys back over the summer to hike, camp, and canoe.

At mile 9, I ran with a Baylor senior named Casey who was running her first marathon.  Poor girl… Bearathon Half Marathon is not a good choice for your first marathon. I encouraged her, shared some recovery tips, and she went on to finish.

At mile 11, I saw a group of ladies with shirts that read “I survived the Bearathon Half Marathon Toughest Half in Texas.” WTH… How am I just learning this??

#9 was not easy, but it was in the books!

Bearathon Half Marathon is the toughest race I have ever done.  I will do it again to conquer it. I feel like it got the best of me this year.  It was the first for me in a series of 4 half marathons in 9 days. I liked the medal and the shirt. The post race was a few vendors, but nothing was left when I arrived.