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Big D Half Marathon

"White trash" bag to protect me from the rain.

“White trash” bag to protect me from the rain.

Big D Half Marathon


Big D marathon was cold and wet, but a beautiful course.

As the alarm went off at 6 am, the dreaded moment hit me when I realized I would be running Big D Half Marathon in the rain.  It was a situation I wasn’t prepared for.  I knew I should have bought a poncho to put in my running bag. I thought maybe I would stop along the way. Mom and I drove to Fair Park (downtown Dallas where the State Fair is held) and there was not time to stop for a poncho, but we did stop at the McDonalds across the street to avoid the porta potty line. As we approached the building, I asked a man outside, “do you have anymore of those ponchos?”  I did not know he was homeless. He sold me his and took off with the money.  Mom would not allow me to where the poncho; so, I wore the trash bag that I grabbed as we left the house.  We parked the car in Fair Park and sat there until the last minute before the race started.  I walked up to the race just in time to start running with the back of the pack (not always the best place to be, but today I did not care).  This is my fourteenth race of the year and my 20th race ever.  I don’t mind cold, but cold and rain is more than I was ready for this 6th day of April.

Big D Half Marathon Mile 1 through 3

During mile 1 as we were leaving Fair Park, I step in a puddle leaving my shoes wet. I thought , “what have I gotten myself into? Who in their right mind would be out here running in this wet, cold weather? What was I thinking to run 40 half marathons in one year?” The rain had slowed down and I removed the trash bag.  We were moving out of the Fair Park area into the nicer parts of downtown Dallas.

Big D Half Marathon Mile 4 through 6

We were running along White Rock Lake.  It was beautiful and chilly as the wind blew off the lake.  I love running around White Rock Lake.  At mile 4 is where the full marathoners and half marathoners separated for a while. I had my Stinger Chews and kept running.

Big D Half Marathon Mile 7 through 10

We are running through beautiful homes which I found inspirational.  At mile 7.85, I hear police horns going off behind me.  I turn around to see the first full marathoner passing me which in my mind is beyond amazing. I am explaining to the other runners what is going on.  All the runners began cheering for him and pushed themselves a little harder after his unspoken motivation.

Big D Half Marathon Mile 11 through 13.1

This is where I experienced the downpour! I started singing, “Singing in the Rain” to the other runners and decided it was time to pick up the pace and be done. The rain avoided my face and fell off my hat.  It was a funny feeling.  My clothes and shoes were drenched. It was a strange feeling to be soaking wet from rain and sweating too. By this time, 8 male full marathoners and 1 female had passed me.  What an accomplishment to complete a sub 3 hour full marathoner in rain and with hills. These runners were truly inspirational; not to mention they all were in great shape.

As we wind around Fair Park, there are plenty of potholes full of water to drench my shoes and chill my toes. As I approach the finish line, I see mom standing there.  It is always nice to have a cheerleader along the way.  I cross the finish line, grab my medal, and we head into the post party.  We sit down to eat the breakfast burrito for a few minutes and then I am ready to go home.

The Big D half marathon was race 14 of 40 in 2014! It was a beautiful course with great volunteers.  The medal was small. The shirt was a tech shirt with the Big D logo on the front.  The post race meal was 1/4 baked potato, egg/ potato burrito, banana, and pork rinds which is more than most give you.   There were a few vendors in the post race party.  I am thankful it was inside because it was cold outside. Packet pick-up was easy at Academy Sports and Outdoors.