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Gusher Half Marathon

Gusher Half Marathon

Gusher Half Marathon

Gusher Half Marathon

Gusher Half Marathon in Beaumont, Texas was race number 9 in my goal of 40 and on my 40th birthday!! It was a great trip and race!! On Friday, March 7, Mom and I left for Beaumont after school and arrived  at the hotel about midnight after picking up the rental car, Lisa, and Cortney.

Gusher Half Marathon  starting line was on the campus of Lamar University.  We arrived early to pick up our packets and prepare for the race.  I love the energy that surrounds the race and today was no different.  The energy was high, the runners were excited, and the weather was perfect. The National Anthem was sung beautifully and a minister led the prayer.  It was the perfect runner’s prayer.  The minister understood runners with his prayer of time and personal records. The countdown began and we were off.  I had my first mile in 9:30 and came around to see Mom on the bridge taking pictures. At mile 2, I had to stop at “Johnnie on the spot” for a potty break which scared me. Anytime a runner has to stop for the bathroom, there is a fear of the time lost or the alternative… UGH! The great part about this race was several “Johnnie on the spots” and no long lines along course.  Miles 9 and 10 seemed to be filled with hills and a head wind to push through. At mile 10, my music stopped and while turning it back on, I saw an encouraging message from a friend telling me, “happy birthday and that International Women’s Day is perfect as a day to celebrate me.”  I continued the race feeling great and pushed through to have a PR for the year with an 18 minute improvement over the last race. The volunteers were amazing with plenty of water stations throughout the race.  There were ’80s and Hawaiian themed water stations and one with singing volunteers. The technical shirt and medal were great too! When I came across the finish line, mom and Cortney were waiting for me.  Mom caught it on video and the announcer mentioned my goal of 40  half marathons this year and that it was my birthday! Mom enjoyed the race environment and was entertained with watching people cross the finish line.

Gusher Half Marathon

After the race, we visited the vendors and had a beer before heading back to the hotel. When we arrived at the hotel, we decided we were hungry and we were going to go to a fast food place real quick.  We are in our sweaty clothes and mom was in her pajamas.  We end up at Floyd’s for great seafood looking quite shady.  The waiter was great even though he only knew Cortney existed at the table.  He brought me the best bread pudding ever, called the restaurant’s attention to sing “Happy Birthday” to me.  We went back to the hotel to rest before cleaning up and going to the hotel across the street’s restaurant bar. We met a man named Marcus from Germany who was with Elton John.  The bartender and other guests made my birthday special! We skipped back to our hotel as a conclusion to an ideal day! I feel so loved and appreciate mom, Lisa, and Cortney for a great birthday! Gusher Half Marathon was a great race and the people of Beaumont did a fabulous job.



My baby turns 14 today!

My baby turns 14 today!My baby turns 14 today!

My baby turns 14 today and it has not been your typical birthday celebration kind of day. Austin is my youngest son and he turned 14.  He is an incredible, young man and excels in school and on the football field. He was born with a hole in his lung which made his first few weeks of life difficult.  He is alive and well and doing great.  I have had the opportunity to teach in the middle school where he attends and realize that he will be leaving in about 17 weeks to attend high school which makes me sad.  I am blessed to have time with him each day driving him to and from school and to have been at school for him when he needed me.  He will tell you that he is happy about going to a school where I am not there.

The day started as a normal day as we prepared for school and started on our way (I did make cupcakes and our dog spared three of them from his breakfast counter surfing) until I was called into the hallway by the assistant principal.  My baby boy who rarely got in trouble was under the radar for the assistant principal, but it was more of a concern about some of the other boys sitting at his lunch table.  Thank God… it was a close call. I continue on with UIL activities to get a call from the high school principal about my oldest son. The high school principal and I have a relationship since he has had to call me a few times.   Yes, my oldest has been the source of several of the sparkles in my hair.  Needless to say, he keeps my life interesting and he has entrepreneur skills.  The high school principal explains to me that Garrett has been making fake parking passes and selling him. He continues to tell me that they are the best he has ever seen and that he did a good job.  He will have to return the student’s money and attend Saturday school.  My oldest excels in computer graphics and sales.  I can honestly say, I have never  Oh wow… it is only 4 pm.

We are home for a couple of hours and we all took a nap; it had already been an exhausting Monday. My baby turns 14 and we are spending the evening preparing him for high school at  a meeting  to prepare for his courses for the upcoming year.  He had to opportunity to look at the different options and meet the head football coach. The school he will attend has won back to back state championships for football and my son is excited about the football program. We braved the cold, ran to the car, and headed to Chili’s for dinner… his fave.

Upon arriving at home and preparing for bed, I learn that a lifelong friend had complications from surgery, had been resuscitated, and was not doing well.  I did not sleep well and was concerned all night.  I reflected on life, counted my blessings, and reminisced about our times together while chatting with other lifelong friends.  I realized life is a gift and the small things like calls from principals don’t really matter in the big picture.  Remember to tell those who are close to you that you love them, embrace the moments you have together and always have a heart of gratitude.

Join me as I run 40 Half Marathons in 2014!

Join me as I run 40 Half Marathons in 2014!

I am celebrating FORTY running FORTY  half marathons!

Yes, it is insane!

Join me as I run 40 Half Marathons in 2014! This schedule is tentative and may change as new races are posted. I only have 39 on the list and have a few that I am looking into, but will not add them to the tentative schedule until later when I have a better idea of traveling or new races posted.   In order to make this goal happen I have had to be strategic and careful in my planning.  Due to logistics,  I am trying to run local and hope to travel more in 2015 to run races in different states.  I would love for you to run with me, cheer at the races, and/ or pray for me as I accomplish this huge goal!

I have a heart of gratitude for the following races supporting my goal:

The Duel Marathon  in Wichita Falls January 18, 2014

Cox Racing Services  Mother’s Day Race

Hotter N’ Hell  in Wichita Falls August 24, 2014

Cox Racing Services  Thanksgiving Day Race


Join me as I run 40 Half Marathons in 2014!


Join me as I run 40 Half Marathons in 2014!

Join me as I run 40 Half Marathons in 2014!


Date Race Name Location
1/11/2014 # MS Blues Jackson, MS
1/12/2014 # First Light Mobile, AL
1/18/2014# The Duel Marathon, Half Marathon Wichita Falls
1/25/2014* Lake Benbrook Lake Benbrook
 2/2/2014* RnR New Orleans
2/15/2014 Stonebridge Ranch McKinney
2/23/2014* Cowtown FW
3/1/2014* XPress  Wichita Falls
3/15- 3/16 Seabrook Half Marathon Challenge Seabrook




Waco, TX


4/5/2014 Denton PTA 5K
4/6/2014 Big D  Dallas , TX
4/12/2014 Zooma Bastrop, TX
4/27/2014 Lone Star Arlington
5/10/2014* Cox Racing Fort Worth
5/26/2014 Patriot Rockwall
6/8/2014 Wounded Warrior Irving
6/28/2014 Jalapeno Half Fort Worth
7/6/2014 Irving Irving
7/26/2014 Wildfire Denton
8/24/2014* Hotter n Hell Whichita Falls
9/17/2014 5 Half Marathons 5 days 5 states Center of Nation Series
9/28/2014 Plano Baloon Festival Plano
10/5/2014 Tyler Rose Tyler
10/12/2014 Showdown Allen
10/19/2014 Honored Hero Fort Worth
10/25/2014 Monster Dash
11/2/2014 DRC Dallas
11/9/2014 Fort Worth Marathon Fort Worth
11/16/2014 RnR Las Vegas
11/20/2014* Cox Racing Thanksgiving Fort Worth
12/6/2014 Spicewood Spicewood
12/7/2014 RnR San Antonio
12/13/2014 Jingle Bun Temple
12/31/2014 Daily Double Allen

# Completed

* Registered

Forty 4 Forty!

Route 66 Tulsa Marathon

Route 66 Tulsa Marathon

Forty 4 Forty!

Have you ever set a goal so big that scared you, but you were so excited that you could not sleep at night?

I am two months from my 40th birthday and am celebrating 40 years of life by running 40 half marathons (13.1 miles) in 2014.. running 524 miles in timed races plus the training miles in between!

I have wanted to do something monumental for my 40th birthday and I love running half marathons which is where is this magical idea was birthed.  It is a big commitment for me and my family, but we are all on board.  I am going to blog my journey here and on my Facebook Fan Page. https://www.facebook.com/christilynn.org

In 2013, I ran 3 half marathons and 1 full. I ran the Dallas Rock n Roll Marathon in March, Cox Racing Services on Mother’s Day in Fort Worth, and San Francisco Half Marathon in June.  The Route 66 in Tulsa in November was my first full. Running has changed my life and made me realize I can overcome obstacles and become the best person I can be while here on earth. I hope to inspire others to become healthier through my journey of Forty 4 Forty!

I have mapped out the half marathons in my area and have begun strategizing the logistics.  I would love for you to support me in forty 4 forty with prayer, cheering, or actually running with me.  It is going to be fun and I look forward to the joy in the journey from Forty 4 Forty.  I vision new friends, belief barriers broken, and lots of fun through this phenomenal aspiration to run Forty 4 Forty!

Race 1 of Forty 4 Forty is in Mississippi Blues in Jackson, MS on 1/11/14 and Race 2 is on 1/12/14 is First Light  in Mobile, AL.  The others are tentative, but Rock n Roll NOLA is on the books plus 5 half marathons in 5 days in 5 states is scheduled for September.

2 half marathons; 2 days; 2 states

Exciting way to start the new year!

Smash Times

What comes to mind when you hear the words “Smash Times?”

When Irene invited me to “Smash Times,”  I was excited because I thought I would be able to let out some frustrations by smashing things and then create peace piece by piece while being creative. It was Kathy’s birthday and we were able to be creative while celebrating her special day.

I met Irene and Kathy at Ikea in Frisco and we proceeded to Royal and Preston to “Smash Times” for a day of crafts and fun.  The small place was full and people were deeply engrossed into their own masterpiece.  We chose the item we wanted to create for our mosaic and the colors of tiles to complete the masterpiece.  Needless to say, no smashing was involved in the “Smash Times” process, but was still fun.

I chose a small square picture frame and mosaic tiles of my favorite colors of teal, purple, orange, and green.  I sat down, smoothed the glue onto the wooden part of the frame and carefully placed the small glass pieces onto the frame. I was proud of myself for not hesitating and being accepting of the colors I chose and I how I placed them.  I did not question myself in the process.  I felt a lot of growth in myself since the last time I approached an art project like this. During the summer, I went to a paint class and the instructor approached  me with my blank canvas and said, “Afraid of commitment.”  I thought how did he know this about me by my blank canvas while everyone else had already painted their canvas.  My colors and placement of each glass tile may not be how others may have done, but it was mine and my uniqueness.  I plan to place the frame in my classroom with a picture of my family to remind me of my uniqueness and what I value the most.

While “Smash Times” was not on my bucket list, it was a “first” for me and I enjoyed the time with friends and exploring my creative side. Happy Birthday to Kathy! I hope your day was blessed.



Smash Times project


Irene, Christi, and Kathy at Smash Times


Christi, Kathy, and Irene at Smash Times