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Diva Dash Half Marathon


Galveston, Texas 15 0f 40 in 2014

Diva Dash Half Marathon


A month has gone by since this race and I have not been able to bring myself to blog about it. It was by far my worst time, but time has nothing to do with the essence here. What happened at the end of the Diva Dash Half Marathon has scared my mind and broken my heart.

Garrett and I woke up early and headed to Houston to pick up Danielle before headed to Galveston.  We chose to commuted between Houston and Galveston; so, Danielle could be a part of the weekend.

The highlight of the trip was the time I had with a lifelong friend Leila (terrible part is we did not take a picture together).  I loved the time we had together. She has been sick for a couple of years and had convinced me to do the 10 day detox diet with her which I did.  The detox changed my life and helped me to find some inner health problems of my own. I will share in another post. We enjoyed lunch, shopping on the strand, and the Diva Dash Half Marathon Expo.

I spent the remainder of the evening reading about the detox diet and watching meaningless television in the hotel.  We woke up early, picked up Danielle, and headed to Galveston.  They let me out close to the start line.  I found the port-a-potties and my way to the start line. It took me about 3 miles to find my mojo which is unusual and I still don’t think I ever found it by my time in this race.  It was humid and hot outside. The course had a couple of small hills and ran along the seawall.  The scenery was amazing running along the beach and seeing the winners pass you on their way back. The second person on the return was a 12 year old runner which was inspiring to see. 20140520-222946-80986649.jpg

At mile 13, they adorned you with a boa and a crown to cross the finish line which was a nice bonus, but always the Diva Dash Half Marathon’s key attractions.  At the finish line, you had the choice of champagne or Ginger Ale which I love both.  I chose the champagne.

As I approached the finish line, the officials directed us to the left.  On the right, the emergency response team was performing CPR on a young lady.  I knew the outcome wasn’t good when they carried her away and there was not any response from the CPR.  My heart aches as I write this.  She was there on her bachlorette party and was to be married in two short weeks after the race.  She had run many marathons and had a heart condition un-diagnosed heart condition.  I will forever be shaken by the Diva Dash Half Marathon. Read more about Kaytie Joyner here.  God bless her family and fiance. 20140520-222951-80991816.jpg

Diva Dash Half Marathon was race 15 of 40 in 2014 in Galveston, TX.  It was a woman’s race which I loved the support and encouragement of other women along the race. I loved running along the beach.  The heat and humidity was tough and my time was bad.  The finish line story leaves me with a broken heart for Kaytie’s family and friends.


Gusher Half Marathon

Gusher Half Marathon

Gusher Half Marathon

Gusher Half Marathon

Gusher Half Marathon in Beaumont, Texas was race number 9 in my goal of 40 and on my 40th birthday!! It was a great trip and race!! On Friday, March 7, Mom and I left for Beaumont after school and arrived  at the hotel about midnight after picking up the rental car, Lisa, and Cortney.

Gusher Half Marathon  starting line was on the campus of Lamar University.  We arrived early to pick up our packets and prepare for the race.  I love the energy that surrounds the race and today was no different.  The energy was high, the runners were excited, and the weather was perfect. The National Anthem was sung beautifully and a minister led the prayer.  It was the perfect runner’s prayer.  The minister understood runners with his prayer of time and personal records. The countdown began and we were off.  I had my first mile in 9:30 and came around to see Mom on the bridge taking pictures. At mile 2, I had to stop at “Johnnie on the spot” for a potty break which scared me. Anytime a runner has to stop for the bathroom, there is a fear of the time lost or the alternative… UGH! The great part about this race was several “Johnnie on the spots” and no long lines along course.  Miles 9 and 10 seemed to be filled with hills and a head wind to push through. At mile 10, my music stopped and while turning it back on, I saw an encouraging message from a friend telling me, “happy birthday and that International Women’s Day is perfect as a day to celebrate me.”  I continued the race feeling great and pushed through to have a PR for the year with an 18 minute improvement over the last race. The volunteers were amazing with plenty of water stations throughout the race.  There were ’80s and Hawaiian themed water stations and one with singing volunteers. The technical shirt and medal were great too! When I came across the finish line, mom and Cortney were waiting for me.  Mom caught it on video and the announcer mentioned my goal of 40  half marathons this year and that it was my birthday! Mom enjoyed the race environment and was entertained with watching people cross the finish line.

Gusher Half Marathon

After the race, we visited the vendors and had a beer before heading back to the hotel. When we arrived at the hotel, we decided we were hungry and we were going to go to a fast food place real quick.  We are in our sweaty clothes and mom was in her pajamas.  We end up at Floyd’s for great seafood looking quite shady.  The waiter was great even though he only knew Cortney existed at the table.  He brought me the best bread pudding ever, called the restaurant’s attention to sing “Happy Birthday” to me.  We went back to the hotel to rest before cleaning up and going to the hotel across the street’s restaurant bar. We met a man named Marcus from Germany who was with Elton John.  The bartender and other guests made my birthday special! We skipped back to our hotel as a conclusion to an ideal day! I feel so loved and appreciate mom, Lisa, and Cortney for a great birthday! Gusher Half Marathon was a great race and the people of Beaumont did a fabulous job.



I don’t understand

I don’t understand.

I spent today with several lifelong friends as we celebrated the life of a classmate. This week has been emotionally draining.

I don’t understand how in the blink of an eye he was gone. So many emotions flee through me and I don’t understand. I never expected this. I took for granted the days that he was here. If only I had one more day, I would not take it for granted.
I don’t understand how life can be complicated and simple at the same time.

I had known Jason since sixth grade and different stages of life we had seen each other more than others. Over the last few years, we communicated more and saw each other more often. He told us two weeks ago, he had cancerous tumor, he was having surgery, and he would be fine. He played it off as the worst part was missing a Randy Rogers concert.

Jason went in for surgery on January 27, 2014 and things did not go well. He was resuscitated, spent many hours on the operating table, and passed away the next day. He left behind there children and hundreds of friends. He touched so many lives and was an amazing man, father, and friend.

Several of his lifelong friends meet at the church for the funeral and lunch afterwards. We were all happy to see each other, but not in these circumstances.

We do not know what tomorrow brings. It is important to tell the ones who are special that you love them and live life to the fullest.


40 Days of Giving

40 Days of Giving


 2014 is my 40th celebration of life and I am living it up 40 style.  It started with reading the “Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren for forty days followed by 40 days of  Giving and  a plan of 40 Half Marathons throughout the year.  I will finish “Purpose Driven Life” on February 9 and will begin the 40 Days of Giving on February 10 to March 21.  I am excited about the 40 Days of Giving because it will be during Valentine’s Day and my birthday month which is my favorite time of the year.

I am choosing 40 people who make an impact in my daily life and carefully creating small, special gifts to bless each person with during the 40 days of giving. It is going to be difficult to narrow it down to 40 because I love to give. Ideas of people to include in the 40 people are family, friends, my son’s teachers, mail carrier, service providers, fireman, policemen, pastor, and/ or strangers as a pay it forward gesture of kindness.   I am searching Pinterest for unique, affordable gift ideas, gift cards, unique gifts while out shopping.  I also have a Google form of favorite things that will help me with favorite colors, snacks, and such.

I am excited to give 40 gifts to 40 people in 40 days.  I know it is going to take planning and work to put it all together, but I know it will be worth it.  My love language  (http://www.5lovelanguages.com/) is gifts and I know not all people love gifts the way I do, but I will enjoy giving. I will update you on the 40 Days of Giving when it takes place.

Today, I challenge you to take a day during February 10 to March 21 to give a gift to someone who impacts your daily life and share with me.

40 Days of Giving



Acceptance… something we all deal with whether we realize it or not?

Are we accepted in the workplace? social circles?  families?

We all have our place, but how do we know that place? Defining acceptance is something we have to do in our own unique way.  Often times, I feel that I don’t fit in and I have learned to be okay with it.  Several people turn to drugs, alcohol, and/ or gangs to be accepted.  Adults often struggle in relationships throughout life due to lack of feeling accepted from parents as a child.  As a parent, I have had to learn to accept my children for who they are.  My oldest child and I both had a tough couple years.  I struggled with accepting him for the geek that he is and he struggled with fitting in because he felt he did not measure up to what I wanted for him. It was a really hard time for both us.  Once I realized he was an amazing child as a geek, our home had a peace to it again.  I quit trying to make him play sports or be in activities that were not for him and started finding things for him that he would enjoy.  We have an incredible relationship now and he is striving as a young man studying computer graphics and programming.

I struggle with being too short, with being too fat, with being blonde (well, now by choice), with being a nerd, with not being smart enough, with being single, with not having enough money, with living in a small house, with having big feet… and it goes on and on.

I don’t have coordination; so, I wasn’t good with dancing or sports.

I am not wealthy; so, I wasn’t accepted for my money.

I have been told I am an “oddball” and after many years, I am okay being the “oddball.”

The things I have done to accept me for me and to accept others for who they are:

1. I have learned to love me; faults and all. I do things daily that make me happy.

2.  I have learned to focus on my strengths and not my weaknesses. I would always feel inadequate if I focused on my weaknesses.  We all have them and it is okay.

3.  I have learned to love people as they are.  I cannot change anyone, but me.  I can accept people and focus on their strengths.  Always give compliments of validations when you recognize their strengths.

4.  I have learned each person’s reactions is based on where they are in life. Some have limited experiences or knowledge.  Some have issues in life that they are dealing with in their own way.  I never know what the situation may be, but have to love that person in the situation at the time.  It does not mean I have to make them a part of my circle or spend time with them. These are two separate things.

5.  I won’t accept advice from someone I will not trade places in life.

6. I have learned who to allow in my circle of influence.

7.  I am very careful what I listen to, read, or watch.  I have to be careful with how I feed my mind.  Good in= Good out!


I hope this helps you to find your “happy” place!!