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Nashville Rock’n’Roll Half Marathon

Nashville Rock’n’Roll Half Marathon

Nashville Rock’n’Roll was on and off my list for various reasons throughout the year.  Two weeks before the race, I decided that it was a go.  I finished state mandated test the Wednesday prior and took off on a jet plane on Thursday morning.  I had the opportunity to spend four days with my mom and run through the city of Nashville, TN.  It was a win win for all!

Mom and I  spent the day grocery shopping and preparing for the weekend.  Friday, we went to the Country Music Marathon Expo which is the largest expo I have ever attended.  There were several vendors and THOUSANDS of people.  I used to have anxiety in crowded areas, but no longer  since I have been running.  It is amazing how much running has changed my life. Mom bought me the Garmin VivoFit.  I love it! I have been able to track my sleep and movement throughout the day.  I can also use it with Garmin Connect and interact with other running friends. After all we could handle at the Expo, we stopped for dinner at Logan’s on the way home.    I turned in early for the evening for the big day tomorrow.


My last race was the Diva Dash in Galveston, TX and since then, I have taken gluten, sugar, dairy, caffeine, and alcohol out of my diet.  I felt great with no joint pain, decreased belly fat, and weighed less. I was not sure how my body was going to respond on a long run with the new lifestyle.  I am still learning how to fuel my body naturally.

I woke up early to a nice breakfast made by mom and started preparing for the day.  Before we could leave, I had thrown up my breakfast.  I still do not know what happened, but I had a race to run. We arrived downtown, parked, and found a restroom. It was nice to avoid the portapotty before a race… doesn’t happen often.  I am thankful for portapotties at the times of need… Runners understand the value of a portapotty.  First Baptist Church (located right at the start line) opened their church for the runners to use the restrooms prior to the race and had a free spaghetti dinner the night before. Thank you to the church for supporting the runners.

Rock’n’Roll Marathon Series is methodical about their races and you know what to expect.  This is the 4th race in their series that I have completed and by far, the largest.  There were at least 40 corrals and 36,000 runners. It was overwhelming and people were everywhere trying to fit into the corrals.  It was obvious the runners who were new to the experience pushing their way through while the experienced runners knew they would make their way to the start line as each corral has a countdown and start time.  I was in corral 21 and it was about 7:28am when I started.  The first mile had three huge hills which made me question my sanity. The spectators at this race were zealous and encouraging.  The course was consistently lined with spectators cheering, dancing, and handing out goodies (candy, beer, donuts, mimosas). The bands were amazing along the way; again, the best out of all the Rock’n’Roll marathons I have completed.


After the hills in mile one, I knew this was not going to be a PR (personal record). So, I decided to have some fun with it and snap pictures of cute guys along each mile.  Downfall was that the really hot guys were ahead of me, but I did take some pictures. One guy caught me taking a picture of him and ran up and posed… busted. 20140512-210953.jpg20140512-211009.jpg

The weather was perfect and the course was beautiful, but the hills were killer.  At mile 9, I received an encouraging message from my principal. At mile 10, I hit a wall.  I had not hit a wall at mile 10 since my second half marathon, but I had never thrown up before a race either.  Mom sent me encouraging messages the next three miles.  There was a GU station at mile 10 (where the full marathoners departed the half-marathoners) and I was going to take it, if it was salted caramel.  They gave me a tri-berry  (funny… I was going to risk it for salted caramel, but not tri-berry) which I like, but was afraid how my body would react since I had not eaten sugar in two weeks.  I overheard the lady next to me wish she had a GU and I gave her mine.  Each water break, I would walk a little more and I finally broke down and had some Gatorade which I think helped me get to the end. I don’t know if it was the sugar, electrolytes, or need for sodium, but I crossed the finish line and received my medal. They had wet towels to cool us and post race snacks to replenish our bodies.


I met mom and we walked to B.B. Kings for barbecue which was amazing before going home to rest for the remainder of the day.

Nashville Rock’n’Roll Country Music Marathon is by far my favorite Rock’n’Roll series race.  The spectators made this race. The beautiful course was a bonus and challenge due to the hills.



Acceptance… something we all deal with whether we realize it or not?

Are we accepted in the workplace? social circles?  families?

We all have our place, but how do we know that place? Defining acceptance is something we have to do in our own unique way.  Often times, I feel that I don’t fit in and I have learned to be okay with it.  Several people turn to drugs, alcohol, and/ or gangs to be accepted.  Adults often struggle in relationships throughout life due to lack of feeling accepted from parents as a child.  As a parent, I have had to learn to accept my children for who they are.  My oldest child and I both had a tough couple years.  I struggled with accepting him for the geek that he is and he struggled with fitting in because he felt he did not measure up to what I wanted for him. It was a really hard time for both us.  Once I realized he was an amazing child as a geek, our home had a peace to it again.  I quit trying to make him play sports or be in activities that were not for him and started finding things for him that he would enjoy.  We have an incredible relationship now and he is striving as a young man studying computer graphics and programming.

I struggle with being too short, with being too fat, with being blonde (well, now by choice), with being a nerd, with not being smart enough, with being single, with not having enough money, with living in a small house, with having big feet… and it goes on and on.

I don’t have coordination; so, I wasn’t good with dancing or sports.

I am not wealthy; so, I wasn’t accepted for my money.

I have been told I am an “oddball” and after many years, I am okay being the “oddball.”

The things I have done to accept me for me and to accept others for who they are:

1. I have learned to love me; faults and all. I do things daily that make me happy.

2.  I have learned to focus on my strengths and not my weaknesses. I would always feel inadequate if I focused on my weaknesses.  We all have them and it is okay.

3.  I have learned to love people as they are.  I cannot change anyone, but me.  I can accept people and focus on their strengths.  Always give compliments of validations when you recognize their strengths.

4.  I have learned each person’s reactions is based on where they are in life. Some have limited experiences or knowledge.  Some have issues in life that they are dealing with in their own way.  I never know what the situation may be, but have to love that person in the situation at the time.  It does not mean I have to make them a part of my circle or spend time with them. These are two separate things.

5.  I won’t accept advice from someone I will not trade places in life.

6. I have learned who to allow in my circle of influence.

7.  I am very careful what I listen to, read, or watch.  I have to be careful with how I feed my mind.  Good in= Good out!


I hope this helps you to find your “happy” place!!



Weekend Workout #2

Weekend Workout #2



Saturday Work out

Warm-Up 3 to 5 minutes

Stretch 3 to 5 minutes


One minute drills (8 times)

11 jumping jacks

7 push-ups

4 burpees

Interval Training (30 seconds/ rest  10 seconds)

Jump Lunges

Squat Jumps


Dive Bomber Push-ups

Jump Knee Tucks

Floor Jacks

Repeat 2 times


Sunday Work out

Warm-Up 3 to 5 minutes

Stretch 3 to 5 minutes


10 pushups

20 deep squats

20 alternating lunges

10 pushups

20 chair dips

20 Hand & Knees Leg Lifts (right)

20 Hands & Knees Leg Lifts (left)

20 crunches

20 side crunches

20 reverse leg lifts with medicine ball between knees

20 buttock squeezes

(Repeat two times)



Join me as I run 40 Half Marathons in 2014!

Join me as I run 40 Half Marathons in 2014!

I am celebrating FORTY running FORTY  half marathons!

Yes, it is insane!

Join me as I run 40 Half Marathons in 2014! This schedule is tentative and may change as new races are posted. I only have 39 on the list and have a few that I am looking into, but will not add them to the tentative schedule until later when I have a better idea of traveling or new races posted.   In order to make this goal happen I have had to be strategic and careful in my planning.  Due to logistics,  I am trying to run local and hope to travel more in 2015 to run races in different states.  I would love for you to run with me, cheer at the races, and/ or pray for me as I accomplish this huge goal!

I have a heart of gratitude for the following races supporting my goal:

The Duel Marathon  in Wichita Falls January 18, 2014

Cox Racing Services  Mother’s Day Race

Hotter N’ Hell  in Wichita Falls August 24, 2014

Cox Racing Services  Thanksgiving Day Race


Join me as I run 40 Half Marathons in 2014!


Join me as I run 40 Half Marathons in 2014!

Join me as I run 40 Half Marathons in 2014!


Date Race Name Location
1/11/2014 # MS Blues Jackson, MS
1/12/2014 # First Light Mobile, AL
1/18/2014# The Duel Marathon, Half Marathon Wichita Falls
1/25/2014* Lake Benbrook Lake Benbrook
 2/2/2014* RnR New Orleans
2/15/2014 Stonebridge Ranch McKinney
2/23/2014* Cowtown FW
3/1/2014* XPress  Wichita Falls
3/15- 3/16 Seabrook Half Marathon Challenge Seabrook




Waco, TX


4/5/2014 Denton PTA 5K
4/6/2014 Big D  Dallas , TX
4/12/2014 Zooma Bastrop, TX
4/27/2014 Lone Star Arlington
5/10/2014* Cox Racing Fort Worth
5/26/2014 Patriot Rockwall
6/8/2014 Wounded Warrior Irving
6/28/2014 Jalapeno Half Fort Worth
7/6/2014 Irving Irving
7/26/2014 Wildfire Denton
8/24/2014* Hotter n Hell Whichita Falls
9/17/2014 5 Half Marathons 5 days 5 states Center of Nation Series
9/28/2014 Plano Baloon Festival Plano
10/5/2014 Tyler Rose Tyler
10/12/2014 Showdown Allen
10/19/2014 Honored Hero Fort Worth
10/25/2014 Monster Dash
11/2/2014 DRC Dallas
11/9/2014 Fort Worth Marathon Fort Worth
11/16/2014 RnR Las Vegas
11/20/2014* Cox Racing Thanksgiving Fort Worth
12/6/2014 Spicewood Spicewood
12/7/2014 RnR San Antonio
12/13/2014 Jingle Bun Temple
12/31/2014 Daily Double Allen

# Completed

* Registered

Reflections of Cinderella Dreams

Reflections of Cinderella Dreams

Reflections of Cinderella Dreams

  • Reflection … pray, plan, and obey…

Reflection the story of Ester who went from an orphan to a queen; your Cinderella dream is in your hands. It is your choice to live it in the pre- prince sage or the post-prince stage.

You are unique through God’s love!


  • Your daily actions and choices determine your future destination. Seek God’s guidance in all of your decisions and daily activities. Devote time each day to prayer and your Bible.

Delight yourself in the LORD; and He will give you the desires or your hears Psalms 37:4


  • Do you have goals?

God has you at this place to fulfill your purpose in life. No one is going to complete you or change your life. Submitting to God’s will for your life can change you, but it is your choice to submit.

Where there is on vision, the people perish, but he that keepeth the law, happy is he. Proverbs 29:18


  • What is your self-talk? Practice positive affirmations and replace the negative tapes playing in your head. You are beautiful as God’s daughter.

Affirmations are based on thoughts;thoughts precede actions.   Taking a quote from the bible, “As a man thinketh, so is he.” Proverbs 23:7.

If something happens to make you happy it registers in your mind which can spread over your body in a positive way. However it all starts in your mind.


  • Are you surrounded by noblemen or step-sisters? Are you five closest friends encouraging or holding you back from your God given purpose? Do their actions reflect their words which reflect the fruit in their lives?

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law. Galatians 5:22-23


Reflections of Cinderella Dreams written by Christi Lyn to inspire others to have Cinderella dreams.


Weekend Workout#1

Weekend Workout #1

Weekend Workout #1

Workout can be done anywhere without any equipment!

First week of the month


Saturday Work out 
Warm-Up 3 to 5 minutes
Stretch 3 to 5 minutes
10 squat jumps
20 jumping lunges
10 push ups
10 frog leaps
10 plank rows
20 mountain climbers
10 push ups
20 calf push ups
20 crunches
20 side crunches (alternating)
20 reverse crunches
(repeat 2 times)
Sunday Workout 
Warm-Up 3 to 5 minutes
Stretch 3 to 5 minutes
Interval Training (30 seconds/ 10 seconds)
Side lunges
High Knees
Plank Side Jump
Wall Sits
Push Ups
Rest for 1 minute



30 Day Mental Diet

30 Day Mental Diet

What are affirmations?

All of our thoughts and words are affirmations… it is our choice what we think and say. We continuously affirm subconsciously with our words and thoughts. This flow of affirmations creates your life experiences in every moment. Our beliefs are just learned thought patterns that we have developed since childhood.  Some of our thought patterns are good for us and some are not, but both can be better by changing your thoughts.

Do affirmations work?

Since affirmations actually reprogram your thought patterns, they change the way you think and feel about things. You have replaced dysfunctional beliefs with your own new positive beliefs, positive change comes easily and naturally. This will start to reflect in your external life, you will start to experience seismic changes for the better in many aspects of your life.


Start the year with a “30 Day Mental Diet”  to change your thoughts, beliefs, and life.  Having the right mind set is a prelude to success!   This will really help you set your mind in motion for the things you for the things you wish to achieve.

30 Day Mental Diet

When something negative comes to mind, say to yourself, “cancel, cancel, cancel. You used to be true for me, but I now exchange those thoughts with nature’s system of abundance.” 

30 Day Mental Diet

Refuse to accept those negatives :“Cancel, cancel, cancel”


“You used to be true for me, but I now exchange those thoughts with nature’s system of abundance.”

Only “positive” is your “motto.” BEGIN AND END EACH DAY (20 times) “Positive thinking brings me advantages I desire.”

30 Day Mental Diet comes from Trudy Evans,  Certified Hypnotherapist  at http://trudywevans.com. She is amazing and can help you to be a better you.

Please keep me updated on your progress of the “30 Day Mental Diet.”

30 day mental diet positive affirmations

Forty 4 Forty!

Route 66 Tulsa Marathon

Route 66 Tulsa Marathon

Forty 4 Forty!

Have you ever set a goal so big that scared you, but you were so excited that you could not sleep at night?

I am two months from my 40th birthday and am celebrating 40 years of life by running 40 half marathons (13.1 miles) in 2014.. running 524 miles in timed races plus the training miles in between!

I have wanted to do something monumental for my 40th birthday and I love running half marathons which is where is this magical idea was birthed.  It is a big commitment for me and my family, but we are all on board.  I am going to blog my journey here and on my Facebook Fan Page. https://www.facebook.com/christilynn.org

In 2013, I ran 3 half marathons and 1 full. I ran the Dallas Rock n Roll Marathon in March, Cox Racing Services on Mother’s Day in Fort Worth, and San Francisco Half Marathon in June.  The Route 66 in Tulsa in November was my first full. Running has changed my life and made me realize I can overcome obstacles and become the best person I can be while here on earth. I hope to inspire others to become healthier through my journey of Forty 4 Forty!

I have mapped out the half marathons in my area and have begun strategizing the logistics.  I would love for you to support me in forty 4 forty with prayer, cheering, or actually running with me.  It is going to be fun and I look forward to the joy in the journey from Forty 4 Forty.  I vision new friends, belief barriers broken, and lots of fun through this phenomenal aspiration to run Forty 4 Forty!

Race 1 of Forty 4 Forty is in Mississippi Blues in Jackson, MS on 1/11/14 and Race 2 is on 1/12/14 is First Light  in Mobile, AL.  The others are tentative, but Rock n Roll NOLA is on the books plus 5 half marathons in 5 days in 5 states is scheduled for September.

2 half marathons; 2 days; 2 states

Exciting way to start the new year!