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Mississippi Blues Half Marathon #1 of 40

Mississippi Blues Half Marathon #1 of 40

Mississippi Blues Half Marathon was my first of forty half marathons in 2014 and the medal is my favorite of all time.


Before I left the house one of my greatest friends, left this note and $40 on my car window which made my

20140114-204512.jpgday. It means a lot to have friends who are supportive of me and this huge goal.  I left early Friday morning and headed to McKinney to met Lisa. It had been raining and heavy fog all night which had caused several of the highways to be shutdown.  We had to take smaller highways and drive in the rain which slowed down our speed and lengthened our trip.  A couple of hours away, we noticed the car start to shake and pulled over in Tyler for air.  After three stops, we had air in the tire and were back on the interstate; only to notice we still had tire problems.  We pulled over at Kilgore Tire Shop and the guy told me had a knot in the tire and it would be $200 for a new tire.  We drove down the street to 31 Tire Shop and he pulled out the screw and repaired the tire for $10.

20140114-204540.jpg Now, we were on the interstate again and headed toward Jackson, MS until the next crisis hit… CUPCAKES! We detoured in Longview for Bake Cupcakes and then to Jackson, MS barely making it for the packet pickup.

The Mississippi Blues Half Marathon goody bag was great with a really nice bag, harmonica, blues CD, and nice jacket. After packet pickup, we went to Hal and Mal’s for red beans and rice

20140114-204601.jpg (great food and atmosphere) and then to the Hyatt Place (clean and friendly) where we prepared for the 1st of 2 half marathons planned for the weekend.

The Mississippi Blues Half Marathon course consisted of rolling hills with lots of hometown flair.  There was a band playing as you ran through Jackson State University and a man singing in a gazebo along the course.  We ran past Milsaps and Mississippi State University also.  There were people cheering for the runners for the majority of the course which is always nice.  I met a lady named Barry on the course who was from Jackson and she shared history of the community with me.  I found it interesting that she was 50 year old Caucasian female who went to a private school when the schools were desegregated. The churches opened private schools at this time which in reality continued the segregation movement. She was a very kind lady and it was interesting hearing her story.

I crossed the finish line at 2 hours 40 minutes only 3 minutes before the first full marathoner finished.  I received my medal, had a beer, and we headed to the hotel for a shower before making our trip to Mobile, Alabama for race 2 of the weekend.

20140114-204633.jpg 20140114-204649.jpg