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The Pieces of My Shattered Heart- Guest Blogger

The pieces of my shattered heart are lying in the sun.

Warming to the hopeful chance of finding love again.





Knowing there’s an arrow poised to pierce this heart of mine.

Bursting with a renewed purpose, splendid and divine.




How to Pray for your Leaders

How to Pray for your Leaders

Personal needs

  • Humility (servant heart, admit wrong, teachable, receives positive criticism)

  • Wisdom to know God’s agenda

  • Positive Relationships (patient with self and others, interacts positive with difficult people, treat everyone with love and respect)

  • The Fruit of the Spirit

  • Health

Family Needs

  • The priority of family

  • Children would love God

  • Provision for the Family

Spiritual Needs

  • Anointing of Holy Spirit (Confess known sin)

  • Time alone with God

  • Integrity (Satan will try to tempt)

  • Protections from Spiritual Warfare(lust of fles, eyes, pride of life- Eph. 6:10, 1 John 2:16)

  • Accountability

Congregational Needs

  • Evangelism

  • Personal Growth

  • Mobilization of the laity (Effective motivator and equip-per)

  • Intercession

30 Day Mental Diet

30 Day Mental Diet

What are affirmations?

All of our thoughts and words are affirmations… it is our choice what we think and say. We continuously affirm subconsciously with our words and thoughts. This flow of affirmations creates your life experiences in every moment. Our beliefs are just learned thought patterns that we have developed since childhood.  Some of our thought patterns are good for us and some are not, but both can be better by changing your thoughts.

Do affirmations work?

Since affirmations actually reprogram your thought patterns, they change the way you think and feel about things. You have replaced dysfunctional beliefs with your own new positive beliefs, positive change comes easily and naturally. This will start to reflect in your external life, you will start to experience seismic changes for the better in many aspects of your life.


Start the year with a “30 Day Mental Diet”  to change your thoughts, beliefs, and life.  Having the right mind set is a prelude to success!   This will really help you set your mind in motion for the things you for the things you wish to achieve.

30 Day Mental Diet

When something negative comes to mind, say to yourself, “cancel, cancel, cancel. You used to be true for me, but I now exchange those thoughts with nature’s system of abundance.” 

30 Day Mental Diet

Refuse to accept those negatives :“Cancel, cancel, cancel”


“You used to be true for me, but I now exchange those thoughts with nature’s system of abundance.”

Only “positive” is your “motto.” BEGIN AND END EACH DAY (20 times) “Positive thinking brings me advantages I desire.”

30 Day Mental Diet comes from Trudy Evans,  Certified Hypnotherapist  at http://trudywevans.com. She is amazing and can help you to be a better you.

Please keep me updated on your progress of the “30 Day Mental Diet.”

30 day mental diet positive affirmations