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Stonebridge Ranch Half Marathon

20140218-221708.jpgStonebridge Ranch Half Marathon

Stonebridge Ranch Half Marathon  has race #7 of 40 in 2014.  I decided I would run 40 half marathons for my 40th year of life.  Since I decided on the goal, it has been my primary focus.  I have been scheduling, registering, planning, booking hotels and travel, and expediting my goal.  My social life is running and for the most part has been fine.  So, if you are planning a wedding or event you want me to attend, please review my race schedule. As far as recovery time each week, my body has been fine.  I have been more particularly about my sleep schedule though.  I know I have to keep my body healthy to complete this goal.  I have had some tendinitis in my right foot and have been trying to take it easy while wearing comfortable shoes to work.

Stonebridge Ranch Half Marathon has been the closest race to my home so far.  It was nice to have a race 45 minutes away and not have to get up too early.  Cortney messaged me through the Runner’s Corner about being running partners for the Stonebridge Ranch Half Marathon.  We met at the race and ran together to the end.  She would have had a much faster time, if she would have left me behind.  Cortney is a 24 year old with an amazing personality and zeal for life.  I felt like she was my new found niece by the time we finished.  I am excited that she will be running more races with me before she leaves for California to go to school.  She encouraged me and others on the course as well as the volunteers along the way. My time improved by 2 minutes which is great considering the hills on the course. She pushed me to run faster while telling everyone along the course that I was running 40 half marathons for my 40th birthday.

As we crossed the finish line, Gina Paul ( a lifelong friend) was there with flowers for me and making a video.  It meant the world to me that she woke up early and drove to McKinney to cheer for me. We posed for pictures, grabbed water, and departed.  Gina treated me to lunch at La Madeline.

Overall, Stonebridge Ranch Half Marathon was a great race.  It was close to home, well organized, and had friendly volunteers.  The tech shirt and medal were nice too.