Texas Wine Series Half Marathon


AGGIE Land Special!




Post Race Picture

Texas Wine Series Half Marathon was held at the Messina Hof Winery in Bryan, TX and probably one of my favorite races.  Texas Wine Series Half Marathon was the first of the series and has a few small details to work out, but overall it was fabulous.

Abby and I ran the Women Rock the day before and met Misty in DeSoto for the car ride to College Station.  As we were waiting for Misty, I discovered I had not booked the hotel which took me into a small panic.  We were able to reserve a room at the same Marriott, but had to pay a little more. We were okay with that and just happy to have a room.  We arrived in College Station and picked up our packets at the wine store in the historic downtown area of College Station and preceded to the hotel for showers.  (Abby & I had not showered from the Women Rock Half Marathon earlier that morning.)

We checked into the hotel, showered, and headed out for eating and sight seeing. We found a great barbecue place called C&J Barbecue.  I had ribs and brisket and enjoyed every last bite.  Abby and I needed a few maintenance items (blister bandaids and Clif Shots) which meant a visit to the local CVS and Academy Sports and Outdoors.

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Misty took us on a tour of Texas A&M University her alma mater! She was in heaven as she explained the Aggie Traditions and showed us around campus. We saw the bonfire memorial, Kyle Stadium, and the “Aggie ring” monument.  Texas A&M University is a nice campus and Bryan/ College Station was a great place to visit.

We settled into our hotel beds to rest for the race.  We woke up, got dressed, and headed to the race site.  It was a beautiful morning with the perfect weather. Messina Hof winery was not too far and sat off of the road. We parked in the pasture and walked up to the start line.  Racers were participating in a group stretch activity or in line for the portapotties ( a pre-race ritual for many). We lined up at the start line (in the pasture) and ran out to the country road.  The course was out and back along the country road.  It was beautifully outlined with a few wildflowers and several trees creating a delightful, quaint stroll through the countryside.  It was peaceful and pleasant without any concerns of the hustle and bustle of the city.  I enjoy the scenery in the city too which I see more often in races than I do the country.

Texas Wine Series Half Marathon

Mile 1

My legs were hurting. This was my 4th half marathon in 9 days, but I knew I would make it.  It was too beautiful to give up and I had come too far.

Mile 2

I had paced myself with a couple of ladies named Kristy and JL, who were doing intervals.  I asked them, if they minded if I joined them.  We ran 4 or 5 minutes and walked 1 minute.  The 1 minute seemed like 30 seconds, but this was working for me.  My legs were not hurting too bad and we were moving forward to our goal of 13.1 at the finish line. It was JL’s first half marathon and she did great! It was Kristy’s 2nd half marathon and she also has a blog. They are both training for their first full in Edinburgh… I am JEALOUS!!

Mile 3

We caught up with an old friend Eyvonne Carter and she ran with us until about mile 11 which is where we all found our own way to the finish line.

Mile 4 through 11

Hills were strategically placed throughout the course making it a little more challenging than the race on Saturday (day before).  The company and intervals made this race fun and I was enjoying hearing each of the ladies personal running journeys.

Abby and Misty both passed me along the way.  Abby had a PR and this was her 3rd half marathon in 9 days! I am so proud of her!!

Mile 12 to the finish line

I decided to pick up the pace, stop the intervals, and move along to the finish line. As I turned into the pasture where the finish line awaited, Misty and Abby were there to cheer for me.  It is always nice to have someone along the course to cheer for you.

Post Race Festivities

BEST EVER!!! It was gorgeous!! The grounds of the winery were adorned with tables covered in white cloth. The pasta was catered by Olive Garden, tacos from a local restuarant, and muffins from La Madeline. The best part was the wine glass and wine from Messina Hof winery while music played in the background.  We were able to sample wines, enjoy the music and beautiful weather, and converse about the race.



Texas Wine Series Half Marathon at Messina Hof Winery in College Station has to be one of my favorite races.  The tranquil course was beautiful while challenging. The medal was an awesome wine bottle with an actual wine opener attached.  At packet pick-up we received a maroon tech shirt and draw string backpack with “Texas Wine Series” printed on it. The race was well organized and could benefit from more water stops and portapotties. Overall, this was an incredible race and well worth the money.




666 Thoughts on “Texas Wine Series Half Marathon

  1. Woohoo! It really was a beautiful race and one I hope to do next year.

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