Half Marathon #19 Wounded Warrior

Half Marathon #19 Wounded Warrior

Half Marathon #19 Wounded Warrior

Half Marathon #19 Wounded Warrior


Half Marathon #19 Wounded Warrior honored fallen American soldiers. It was located in Irving, TX on June 8, 2014 and Half Marathon #19 Wounded Warrior of 40 in 2014.  It was my first race of the summer, school had just dismissed a couple days prior and summer school started the following day. The 5am alarm on Sunday morning is always the time I consider myself insane for a goal of 40 half marathons in one calendar year.  I drove in early that morning because I had heard the construction could cause congestion and delays plus I needed to pick up my packet.  I made it in perfect time, missing the traffic, and I was able to pick up packet, drop off shirt in car, and make it to the start line.  I made it to the start line; only for the race to be delayed due to traffic.

While waiting for the race to begin, I met a new friend.  Her name is Monica and she is active military.  The Wounded Warrior is a fund raiser for wounded soldiers and it was a honor seeing family and friends running for those they love who had been wounded serving our country.  The race was delayed about 20 minutes allowing the rain storm to move in perfect synchronization of race start. The drizzle was enough to keep runners cool as they were on their journey of a 10K or half marathon.

The course was out and back with a few hills.  I felt great along the course considering a little bit of a slosh with the rain.  I had not checked the weather; so, the rain was a surprise leaving me unprepared.  Honestly, I do need to pack the emergency run bag with a hat and poncho.  My time was 2:31 which is the best time I have had in a few races.  I was happy and I knew I had friends and family at the finish line which always makes my day.  Dano stood in the rain waiting for me from mile 6 to 13.1.  My mom and sister arrived after I crossed the finish line.  After the race, we met another friend for lunch.


Half Marathon #19 Wounded Warrior

Half Marathon #19 Wounded Warrior Mom, Salena, Christi (me), and Dano

with my mom and sister

Half Marathon #19 Wounded Warrior

Half Marathon #19 Wounded Warrior is in the blog as a nice race for the various reasons:

  • Honors Soldiers
  • Friends and Family at the finish line
  • Awesome after party with pancakes
  • Vendor fair day before (I did not attend)
  • Nice course
  • Tech Shirt
  • Great Medal

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